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T-Rocious - A kaiju that has inspired art and awe around the world for eons.  Mostly harmless, but with an appetite that includes trees, buildings, worms and occasionally people. Distinguishing characteristics include eyeball hair and flammable breath. 

Firebird - A timeless mythological bird with a mouthful of teeth.  Care should be taken around this creature as its top feathers are prehensile flames.  She has to be careful around her best pal T-Rocious due to his flammable breath. 

Globbly Blird - The last living archosaur on planet earth.  A mysterious creature that exhibits flashes of brilliance alongside mind-numbing boneheadedness. 

Bug - A mosquito of monstrous proportions and a holdover from the Jurassic period.  A companion of the others who sometimes is also lunch. 

Sentient Worms - Nobody knows where they come from or why they insist on hanging around because these snarky creatures are a favorite food for everyone in the group. 

Monster 411: Bio
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